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Nasheed is a Sufi innovation-Shaykh Saalim At-Taweel

The non-Islamic Nasheeds is a Sufi innovation (1) which Allah has sent down no authority

Authored by: Shaykh Saalim bin Sad At-Taweel hafithahullah-llah on


Translated by: Brother Abu Bakr bin Ahmad Ath-Thibyaanee on 19/6/1433

Praise is to Allah whom sent his messenger with guidance and religion of truth to manifest it over all religion although they who associate others with Allah dislike it. And peace and blessing is upon whom was sent as a mercy to the universe, his family and all of his companions.

[COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]To proceed,
Verily, Allah has perfected the religion for us. He completed his favor upon us and was satisfied that Islam is to be our religion. He did not cease the soul of his messenger peace is upon him until he-the messenger- guided his Ummah (nation) to everything that is good which takes them closer to Allah the exalted and he was aware of and warned them from everything that is evil which takes them away from Allah the exalted and he was aware of.

My honorable brother/sister who is reading this,

Know that in the book of Allah, the Sunnah of the prophet peace is upon him, the statements of the companions and the Imams from the people of knowledge there are sufficient methods of Dawah that suffice us from other ways that people innovated claiming they are Dawah method, or way to make people repent or an alternative to prohibited singing and its like such as Nasheeds. The inescapable reality is those non-Islamic Nasheeds are not much different than singing which is prohibited for that they are melodized with the melodies of singing and the melodies of those Nasheeds are composed by the same composers who compose melodies for lecherous, profane and morally low songs. On addition to that, those composers select performers for those Nasheeds who have beautiful and attractive voices that are moving. And many of those performers have in them softness and embellishment that cause the lust to arouse and result in trial. And trial caused would be severer if it involved free mixing between men and women or women exposing their charms in front of men.
It does not miss the person who possesses the least amount of vision and insight that present day Nasheeds that are falsely called (Islamic) contain elements of musical instruments. And much of these Nasheeds are preformed or modified by electric tools that release tones symmetrical to musical instruments. Let alone the reeling, the shaking of heads and altering face postures which are not any different than the actions of singers except a few and in addition to that; these Nasheeds are performed in groups (choral). Add to this farce, the clapping, applauding and whistling that come from the supporting crowds to the extent where the listener can hardly distinguish if the person on the theatre is a singer or a Nasheeds performer because it became very hard to tell.

[COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]Anything that is a cause of trial then it is obligatory to abandon it
There is no doubt in the impermissibility of these Nasheeds that gathered all these elements that oppose the Shareeah. Nasheeds caused a great trial and became a mean of income, fame, flash as well as girls/women admiring this Nasheeds performer and that Nasheeds performer. It went to the extent when some people forsaken the Quraan and replaced it with Nasheeds. Some of them memorize Nasheeds more than the Quraan and some of them repeat these Nasheeds more than the remembrance of Allah and seeking forgiveness. Others made Nasheeds their prime occupation and others their hearts cannot be admnotioned without Nasheeds. Worse than all, those who made Nasheeds an act of worship like the Sufis did who melodized Dhikr, Dua, sending salutations on the messenger peace is upon him in a newly invented, innovated and misguided way. And many of their melodic Nasheeds are not free from frivolous speech such as going extreme in the messenger peace is upon him or seeking aid from other than Allah or seeking intermediates between them and Allah and others.

[COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]Listening to voice rather the content
Sadly, looking at the condition of the vast majority of those who listen to Nasheeds you will see that they listen to young boys who possess soft voices and some of them listen to young girls who may be at the age of nine or ten which is the age of puberty for some girls. And there is no doubt that such thing arouses the desire in both genders and they will get used to it and find it charming. It could exceed the prohibited songs if they are enjoying the beauty of the voices more than the content and this is surely prohibited as some scholars mentioned such as our Shaykh Ibnul-Uthaimeen rahimahul-llah.

[COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]An example, except my prayer! (Title of a Nasheed in Arabic)
There are numerous texts in the noble Quraan and the traditions of the prophet peace is upon him regarding the prayer, its virtues, it being an obligation, that is must be prayed at time and in congregation and it must be preserved. Despite this fact we find many of them more memorizing of the Nasheeds (except my prayer) rather proofs on prayer from the Quraan and the Sunnah. More than that, some of them repeat this Nasheeds more than Dhikr and seeking forgiveness and others made the Nasheeds the ringtone of his mobile. And the question is how many from those people preserve his prayer and does not abandon it?
I think you know as I know and everyone else knows that many of those people despite repeating this Nasheeds (title except my prayer) have abandoned the prayer. So what benefit is expected from the Nasheeds?
Whoever does not take heed from the book of Allah will not take heed from other than it.

[COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]Hymning like the hymning of the Christians
My dear brother who is reading this,
Have you ever heard how do Christians worship in their churches? Verily, Nasheeds resemble to a great extent the hymning of Christians in their churches. And sadly from among the Muslims there are those who follow Christians in everything as one arrow resembles another to the extent that the body language of some of the Muslims says now those Nasheeds bring about admonition and tranquillity more than the Quraan and the Sunnah bring (2)

[COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]Taghbeer has been developed and named Islamic Nasheeds
Know-may Allah have mercy upon me and you- that what people call today Islamic Nasheeds was present in the past and used to be called Qasaaid and Taghbeer. The Salaf and the Imams of the religion warned against such thing such as Imam Ahmad when he was asked what do you say concerning the people of Qasaaid. He said It is an innovation and they are not to be sat with (3). Imam Ash-Shaafiee rahimahul-llah said I left behind in Baghdad a thing that the heretics innovated and called it Taghbeer (Nasheeds) which they used to distract people from the Quraan. Shaykhul-Islam Ibnu Taimiyyah rahimahul-llah said commenting on the statement of Ash-Shaafiee And that is an indication of the knowledge of Ash-Shaafiee and him being aware of the religion for that if the heart got used to listening to these Qasaaid and found a pleasure in them it will rebel away from listening to verses and the Quraan and it will abandon listening to the most gracious and settle to listening of devil Then he said and those who attended the innovated listening which Ash-Shaafiee considered to be from the innovation of the heretics were not sitting with elegant boys and women, nor did they have musical instruments. Rather their poems were heart-softeners and were calling to abstinence (4)

I said: What ruling will Imam Ash-Shaafiee rahimahul-llah issue on todays Nasheeds had he been around and witnessed them?

[COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"]Beautiful words from the great Imam Al-Albaani rahimahul-llah
He said It is impermissible to get closer to Allah except with what he has legislated so how about getting closer to him with what he has prohibited? And because of that scholars prohibited the Sufi singing and rebuked vociferously those who made it lawful. So if the reader bore in his mind these solid foundations it will be very clear to him that there is no difference in terms of the ruling between the Sufi singing and the religious Nasheeds. Matter of fact, there could be a pandemic in the Nasheeds and that is melodizing them with melodies used in profane singing and rhythming those Nasheeds using eastern and western rhythms which give the listeners buzz and cause them to dance and be out of their tether. In such case, they would be focusing more on melodies and buzzing rather the Nasheeds itself which is oppositeness to the Islamic laws and a resembling of the disbelievers and lecherous people. Also, it could lead to another oppositeness of Islamic laws and that is imitating them in turning away from the Quraan and abandoning it and as a result they will fall under the complaint of the prophet peace is upon him from his people when as Allah the exalted said {And the messenger has said O my lord, indeed my people have taken this Quraan as [a thing] abandoned} verse 30 in Suratul-Furqaan. (5)

Fear Allah, you and him!

Sadly, few days ago- and we are now in the month of Rabee the first year 1430 which corresponds with the third month of year 2009- two brothers- may Allah forgives them and guides them to the right path- have gathered men and women, young and old to preform Nasheeds concert in a night that witnessed numerous acts that oppose the Islamic law and there is no might and no power except by Allah. One of them is called Nabeel Al-Awadhee who authored two months ago during the events in Gaza (2009) an article titled (a new year of Jihaad in the path of Allah!). How amazing is the affair of a man who called to Jihaad, attacked individuals and groups and collected donations then today he conducted a night that is almost like nights of singing that was accompanied with free mixing, clapping, applauding and whistling. And how quick has his Jihaad turned to appearance in satellites channels and cameras accompanied with songs and laughing so woe to him and woe. And let him fear Allah in himself, repent to Allah and review his manners and his Manhaj. The other man is called Mishaaree Al-Afasee who caused a trial to young men and women. He should fear Allah and repent to him. He must refer to the scholars who are the students of Shaykh Abdul-Aziz bin Baaz rahimahul-llah and he should presents to them what he does in his channel and his concerts to ascertain if what Shaykh Ibn Baaz rahimahul-llah meant in his fatwa- that he is clinging on- is applicable to what he is doing right now or non-applicable(6).

I ask Allah to guide me and the Muslims to his straight path. Praise is to Allah at first and at last, inwardly and outwardly. And peace and blessing is upon our prophet, his household and all of his companions.

Glossary of terms and references:

1-Innovation: is what has been innovated in the religion with the intention of worshipping Allah and getting closer to him. Please be aware that not everyone who does an innovation can be called innovator. Calling someone an innovator requires investigation in which evidence must be established and impediments must be removed.
2-I, the translator, have personally raised the issue of Nasheeds to a so called Daee who was using Nasheeds bands in his Dawah. His reply was Nasheeds brought some people to Islam!.
3-Book enjoining good and forbidding evil authored by Al-Khal-llal, no 184.
4- Collection of Fataawaa of Ibnu Taimiyyah, volume 11, page 532.
5-Book prohibition of musical instruments authored by Al-Albaani, page 181.
6-This dispels the lies that some people spread about Shaykh Saalim At-Taweel that he does not refute the people of falsehood. And hopefully in future I will compile a list of callers of falsehood whom Shaykh Saalim At-Taweel refuted by speech or writing in/shaaAllah.

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